Do You Know What’s Lurking In Your Property’s Title Deeds?

Do You Know What’s Lurking In Your Property’s Title Deeds?

The current owner of the property may hold the original Title Deeds, but over time the original can become lost in the hands of previous owners, solicitors or lenders. HM Land Registry holds a digital copy of the Deeds of properties in the UK so, though it isn’t strictly necessary for an owner to have the original documents, though it’s highly recommended that you do, if possible.

When buying a property, it is likely that it will not be you but your conveyancer who gets first sight of the Deeds, by which time you are already paying out money and the purchase is underway. Until the conveyancer has cast their eye over the documents, you will not be aware of any complications in those Deeds which may lie ahead. Getting in there yourself before you proceed with anything is probably, therefore, a good idea.

Likewise, for existing owners of a property, there can be a number of reasons for wanting to review your Title Deeds or those of your neighbours or family members. For example, it is common that boundaries and rights of way over certain parts of a property come under dispute, such as shared driveways and so on. You may have queries over the way a neighbour is allowed to use their land or buildings, or just be feeling a bit nosy and want to know how much your new neighbours paid for their property! Equally, you may have some queries over the property of an ageing relative that need to be clarified.

Anybody can apply for an official copy of a property’s Title Deeds and Plans directly from HM Land Registry. PropScore is directly integrated with the Land Registry database, giving you the ability to access the sort of information that is only usually seen by conveyancers and solicitors.

That’s why you should complete a PropScore Title Deed Check! For just £10.00, you can have a full rundown of a huge number of information points in an easy-to-understand format in less than a minute.

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