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Whether you're looking to buy a new dream house, purchase a property blind at an auction or expand on your ever growing property empire, allow PropScore to help you with our suite of innovative property checks.

PropScore provides a free, clear and instant rating of a property and its risks, by cross-referencing numerous individual data sets, such as environmental searches, local crime rates, amenities and insurance risks.

The score out of 100 provides a poor, OK, good, very good or excellent rating, taking into account 60 different data sets from PropScore’s partners.

PropScore is a sister company of Big Property Data, one of the largest property search providers in England and Wales, which hosts hundreds of industry leading datasets from environmental, geological, coal and energy experts.

PropScore is partnered with The Land Registry, The Environment Agency, The Office for National Statistics, NLIS, CLS, Terrafirma, Experian, Whenfresh, JBA Group, Earthsense, Natural Resources Wales, British Geological Survey, Premier Energy, Big Property Data and more.

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